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 07 Sep 2021


Fifteen bachelor of technology students from the Namibia University of Science and Technology’s (NUST) marine engineering department attended an experiential learning programme hosted by Namdock.

The students rotated between Namdock's departments and that of Hangana Seafood and 3C Metal Belmet during the month-long programme, with a special focus on Namdock's mandate to develop a cross-functional, multi-skilled workforce, mutually beneficial relationships and enhancing people and customer experiences.

The students expressed their gratitude to the ship repair giant.

“Knowledge gained through experience is more valuable than that found in books. It was a rare opportunity for us, and these companies opened the doors for us to gain the practical experience we lacked. For instance, at Belmet, we gained a better understanding of drawings and the standard of drawings used in the marine industry.

“At Hangana, we were taught that it is okay to be beginners in the field; and at Namdock we learnt and understood two important principles used in the marine industry. We were taught that our best tools are our hands,” they said.



The students also visited Walvis Bay Salt Holdings, WaterBay Woods and Atlantic Oil Solutions.

“We are proud to have done this training with internationally recognised companies. This experience helped us gain much-needed exposure and experience.”

Namdock said it understands that developing the Namibian youth is critical to the country’s economy, social affairs and future developments.

“We aim to create training and development opportunities. As our slogan states, ‘our strength is local’. We are reminding the dreamers of today and the leaders of tomorrow to use opportunities to aspire in making this world a better place,” the company said.


SOURCE: Namibian Sun