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The Namport Social Investment Fund was established in late 2006 for the purposes of positioning Namport as a responsible corporate citizen who is committed to making a meaningful contribution to the development and upliftment of the people of Namibia.

The Fund wants to become a partner together with Namport’s stakeholders, and other relevant parties with a proven track record in the development and upliftment of vulnerable and disadvantaged communities in Namibia.

To achieve our objectives we want to fund projects which are aimed at poverty alleviation, job creation / income generation, education, entrepreneurial skills development, and health care.

Many project proposals and requests for donations have been received and the Fund holds quarterly meetings to consider these various applications for assistance.

In addition, the Fund is liaising with welfare organizations and Constituency Development Committees (CDC) to obtain information on social investment programmes and needs in the communities served in order to identify projects for investment.

The Trustees of the Fund are: Andrew Kanime (Chairperson), Elias Mwenyo, Irene Simeon-Kurtz, Max Kooper, Amos Shiyuka and Mbindjee Hindjou


The National Emergency Disaster Fund – Drought relief

Earlier in the year, H. E. President Hage G. Geingob, in terms of Article 26(1) of the Namibian Constitution, declared a state of emergency due to the lack of rainfall, which lead to drought throughout Namibia.  The Namport Social investment Fund (NSIF) invested N$1 million towards the National Emergency Disaster Fund, specifically towards the drought relief programme, as the institution regards itself as a responsible corporate citizen.

Ministry of Sport, Youth and National Service - Bakery training offered to youth of Outjo, Kamanjab and Khorixas

Entrepreneurship and community development is one of the key focal areas of the Namport Social Investment Fund (NSIF). Investing in youth and skills development has become a major factor in eradicating poverty. Therefore, NSIF, in collaboration with the Ministry of Sport, Youth and National Services, joined forces to empower youth in the Kunene region with baking skills. The bakery training, worth N$45 000, will not only help these youth to feed themselves, but to feed the community and become great entrepreneurs as well.


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The table below outlines the donations by NSIF for the period 1 April 2020 – 31 March 2021.


 Project name

 Description of project

 Financial   Implication (N$)

 Mothers Voice   Grassroots HIV/AIDS   Project

 Financial assistance towards running costs

 N$5000 / month x 12 months

 N$ 60,000

 NAM CYCLING /   Omuthiya MBX Team

 6-meter container to serve as storeroom for bicycles.

 Branding and transport to be included

 N$ 57,000

 Usakos Multi-purpose   Youth resources centre

 Identify viable project to keep the youth off   the street.

 N$ 50,000

 Hardap Regional   Council / Kriess   Community clinic 

 Fully equipped refurbished container that   will serve as a clinic

 N$ 360,000


 Pilot phase of newly developed app for   aiding the hearing and sight impaired

 N$ 110,000

 Auuns Prim School

 Financial assistance towards construction   of 1 classroom and Textbooks

 N$ 190,000

 Circle of Hope

 Containers converted to classrooms.

 Further investigations required

 N$ 138,000

 Engela ELCIN Private   School

 Financial assistance to construct ablution   facility

 N$ 150,000

 Walvis Bay Kids Haven

 Financial assistance towards monthly   running cost of the shelter N$25,000 /   month x 12 Months 

 N$ 300,000

 Nakazaza Combined   School

 Erection of school fence (material only)

 N$ 231,669.97

 Uutsathima Combined   School

 Printer and repair broken windows

 N$ 32,000

 Mureti High School

 Renovation of Science lab (Labor and   material cost)

 N$ 163,216.20

 Sangwali Primary   School

 Completion of Project – Final phase

 N$ 99,211.59

 Gobabeb Pos 3

 Boreholes capped at N$ 100K

 N$ 100,000


 N$ 2,041,098