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 06 Jul 2021


Namport recorded on 01 June 2021, one million hours of no Lost Time Injury.

What is Lost Time Injury?

Lost-time injury frequency rates are the number of lost-time injuries within a given accounting period relative to the total number of hours worked in the same accounting period.

Despite facing the current challenges presented by the pandemic, Namport continues to adhere to all health protocols whilst still ensuring the effectiveness and safety of its workforce.

The last time the entity reported an injury at work was on 14 February 2021, since then, we have not recorded any loss time injuries. This outstanding performance is directly linked to the collective continued commitment to safety and adhering to workplace procedures and policies displayed by the Namport workforce.


How does this benefit Port Users?

Improve SHEQ performance for Namport equally means improved internal work environment for the Port Users, as they are affected by improved safety behavior inside the port. With less injuries, productivity levels are expected to improve for the Port Users.


A message/statement to all port users.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility. Let us join hands and ensure we remain injury free for the remainder of the year. As our slogan says, let’s Tulongeni Pamwe.


SOURCE: Namport