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 01 Jul 2021

A total of 1,513 containers were recently unloaded from the ocean liner "MV Cypress" in Walvis Bay. Photo: NamPort




Swakopmund / Walvis Bay (er) - The port authority NamPort has set another record: Not only did the gigantic ship “MV Cypress” (CMA-CGM) dock for the first time, a total of 1,513 containers were unloaded within record time. "In our endeavor to be the most powerful seaport in Africa, the Walvis Bayer Hafen has once again demonstrated operational flexibility and efficiency," said NamPort in writing.

Accordingly, the "MV Cypress" headed for the Walvis Bayer port due to delays in docking in South Africa in order to temporarily unload the containers there. The ship should actually have docked in Cape Town. "Although it was a mammoth task, thanks to good cooperation, between 512 containers per hour could be unloaded during the eight-hour shift," it says. The "MV Cypress" will dock again in Walvis Bay in mid-July and pick up the same containers to bring them to Cape Town.

According to NamPort, the investment in the new container terminal is crucial for this success. Not only does it offer sufficient storage space for the large number of containers, the terminal also offers the possibility of handling a large number of other freight items within record time.


SOURCE: Allgemeine Zeitung