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 29 Jun 2020

CARING ... Food donated to Walvis Bay residents will be transported to the coastal towns soon, in order to help those that are struggling during the Covid-19 lockdown period.


A GROUP of people in northern Namibia have been busy during the weekend, collecting food items and packing them in bags, to be transported to Walvis Bay.

The idea was the brainchild of Ondangwa resident Paulus Cornelius, who empathised with Walvis Bay residents, after he heard them complaining of hunger on the radio.

“A voice told me last week in a dream that I should help the nation. I was wondering what it meant and how to do it. To my surprise, on every radio station that I listened to, people were calling from Walvis Bay complaining that they were starving. It was really sad, so I also called and suggested that the nation should help the government by contributing what they have.”

He was surprised, as people from the Oshana, Oshikoto, Ohangwena and Omusati regions started calling and offering to donate different types of produce they harvested from their fields.

Other residents even offered trucks with fuel to and from Walvis Bay. The group has already contacted the Walvis Bay rural and urban constituency councillors, informing them that they would soon deliver the food.

“The councillors will go from house to house delivering the food to the residents. They already have lists of people registered at their offices. Most of the people over there are from this part of the country and we are glad that we can help, since they cannot come home. Others are from other parts of the country but they equally deserve to be fed,” he said.

Residents of Walvis Bay are overjoyed, as they are stuck in the Erongo region with no food.

“We are relieved to hear this. Most of us lost our jobs and the economy is so bad. We were wondering about the way forward. Our parents are really thinking about us, back home, since we cannot go home,” said Elina Samuel.

“It's sad to see friends crying that they cannot go home. People were evicted from their ghettos and hunger is the last thing they need now,” said Walvis Bay resident Elizabeth Andreas.

Cornelius said he wishes he could have the project running throughout the year, as other towns might also have the same problems soon.

People from northern Namibia have agreed to support him help feed the nation.


SOURCE: Namibian