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 30 Jun 2020

Namibias Gesundheitsminister Kalumbi Shangula hat am kommenden Montag die schwere Entscheidung mit zu fällen, wenn die Regierung den Lockdown-Status der Erongo-Region neu betrachten muss, während die COVID-19-Fälle kontinuierlich steigen. Foto: Nampa


By Frank Steffen - Windhoek

Zunehmende Normalität im Land, ausgenommen der Erongo-Region

Wenngleich die Anzahl der COVID-19-Infizierungen in den vergangenen Tagen und Wochen zugenommen haben, befindet sich Namibia abgesehen von der Erongo-Region binnen akzeptabler Normen, weshalb die Stufe Vier im Sinne des Erhalts der Wirtschaft als akzeptable gehandelt wird. Bisher beklagt Namibia keine Toten infolge des Corona-Virus.


ince the past midnight, with the exception of the Erongo region, level 4 of the state of emergency has prevailed - popularly known as lockdown. This corresponds to Regulation No. 7255, which was passed by President Hage Geingob on June 25, 2020, in which he set the start of the fourth standby level at midnight on the night of June 29 to June 30, and was valid until September 17 had explained. On that day, the currently applicable, nationwide state of emergency comes to an end.

In the Erongo region, however, it will remain the same for the time being, because the level 3 introduced last week should remain in effect until Monday, July 6, at midnight anyway. Only then did the Namibian head of state, together with his ministerial colleagues, decide whether the stage should last longer or be reset or improved to another level. The increasing number of COVID 19 cases from the Erongo region cause uncertainty and a very simple fear of existence.

While the identified cases in Namibia had increased from 102 patients to 150 on Sunday morning from Thursday evening, the Minister of Health and Social Services issued another update on Sunday evening, according to which the cases rose to 183 COVID-19 infected the evening before yesterday. The remaining 33 cases are people from the Erongo region, according to the Ministry of Health. 24 of the cases mentioned have now recovered, so that the patients who are in isolation rose to 159 on Sunday evening - yesterday, strangely, there was no current inventory until the editorial deadline. It is clear that 145 of the patients come from the Erongo region, the next highest region is Khomas at 25, but this region has a much higher population.

20 of the cases had infected people who had previously been diagnosed as positive. However, eleven people were recognized by the mass tests introduced last week. When AZ asked why it looked as if the tests would cease on Friday, neither press spokeswoman Manga Lobita nor local manager of the Erongo region test program, Emmy-Else Ndevaetela, were able to provide immediate information give. They also did not want to comment on how many test results were not yet available or had not yet been analyzed. Namibia had carried out a total of 8706 tests the day before yesterday.


SOURCE: Allgemeine Zeitung