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 25 Jun 2020

HIGH-RISK: Kuisebmond in Walvis Bay has become a hotbed of Covid-19 cases. PHOTO: Adolf Kaure
HIGH-RISK: Kuisebmond in Walvis Bay has become a hotbed of Covid-19 cases. PHOTO: Adolf Kaure


Adolf Kaure - SWAKOPMUND
Erongo governor Neville Andre has confirmed that over 2 000 Walvis Bay residents will be tested for Covid-19 during a targeted campaign at the harbour town.
The data collected will be used to plan response activities at the town, which has become the epicentre of the pandemic in Namibia.
A testing centre was established at the Kuisebmond community hall on 20 June, where over 400 people have already been tested.
Sharp increase
The initiative comes after a sharp increase in Covid-19 cases in Namibia, rising from 32 to 71 in just one week.
Most of the latest cases are from Walvis Bay, where 17 cases were registered in a week.
“We need to have hope, faith and belief that if we stand together as a region, we will minimise the further spread of the virus.
“We have shown our resilience in the past and I am confident that we can pull through,” Andre said.
Kuisebmond cases
He said a surveillance team has embarked on a plan to identify more cases in Kuisebmond.
“We are expanding our testing strategy to ensure that no possible case is missed,” Andre said.
Several activities, such as community mobilisation and sensitisation, will be carried out during the campaign.
The identification and isolation of cases as well as the identification, categorisation and quarantining of contacts will also take place.
“Upon receipt of test results, participants will be informed of their results, while positive cases will be identified and isolated.
“Contacts will also be identified, and based on their risk categorisation, they will be quarantined,” the governor said.
High populations targeted
He added they will target locations with high populations as well as vulnerable persons who interact with many people from the community as they conduct their daily jobs and offer essential services.
The number of people targeted to be tested per site was determined based on the current population size in different areas and the current location of cases and contacts.
The testing sites and dates are as follows:
Sea Point - 24 and 25 June
Namport - 24 and 25 June
Tutaleni - 24 and 25 June
Twaloloka - 24 and 25 June
Kabeljou - 26 and 27 June
Kuisebmond Centre - 26 and 27 June
Narraville - 26 and 27 June
Port and town - 26 and 27 June
Prison - 23 and 27 June
Utuseb - 27 June
SOURCE: Namibian Sun