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 27 Apr 2020


Namport was abuzz with activity on Friday when the largest vessel it has jet received, berthed at the new container terminal in the port of Walvis Bay. The ports authority said it started planning already in the middle of last year for this momentous event.

From bow to stern, the Maersk Sheernes, a 7500 TEU container ship, is a whisker longer than three rugby fields laid end to end. It is also nearly as wide as a rugby field measuring just over 43 metres across the beam.

The vessel arrived on Friday morning to discharge and departed the same day. Namport’s Executive” Commercial, Immanuel !Hanabeb said it was indeed a historic achievement, one worthy of celebration.

“The arrival of this vessel is of great significance, not only to the ports authority but to the entire country. Not only is this [event] consistent with our values and drive to become Africa’s Number 1 Port Authority but it also places Namibia in a more competitive position as it now can accommodate bigger vessels,” stated !Hanabeb.

Namport said in a statement, its N$4 billion investment in the new container terminal now allows much bigger vessels to enter the port and berth for discharge. This follows the global trend of the shipping industry to commission larger and larger cargo vessels to save on operational costs and to benefit from the consolidation of resources.

With its new container terminal, the port of Walvis Bay can now also accommodate these behemoths of the open seas.

“A milestone of this nature shows the significance of Namport’s investment in the future by equipping and preparing its staff members with the required skills for similar jobs ahead of time.”

SOURCE: Namibia Economist