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 02 Apr 2020

Faced with the prospect of an economy further devastated by Covid-19 after suffering from a recession for the last two years, a private sector task team spearheaded by the ministry of industrialisation and the Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI) has encouraged businesses to be innovative in conducting their activities in order to minimise the spread of the deadly virus. The task team also recommends that trade borders between Namibia and neighbouring countries remain open at all cost to avoid a meltdown of the domestic economy and to ensure the free flow of all imports and exports.

For example, supermarkets, restaurants etc, have been urged to incorporate drive-through delivery services to decrease large gatherings. The task team, comprised of, amongst others, Construction Industry Federation, Namibia Trade Forum, Namibian Manufacturers Association, Namibia Agriculture Union, Walvis Bay Corridor Group, Bankers Association of Namibia as well as retailers, manufacturers, transport and distribution companies, also emphasised communication through all local languages on the prevention and management of the virus to minimise panic and fear, which, if unchecked could lead to mass stockpiling of essential commodities. - New Era

SOURCE: Allafrica