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 21 Nov 2019

Ms Schroeder glad to be back home


Earlier this month, Namport’s very own Legal Advisor, Ms Carol Jaimy Schroeder not only added a new qualification of Master of Science in Maritime Affairs specialising in Maritime Law and Policy at the World Maritime University to her wall, but she graduated with distinction and also walked away with the much-coveted Chancellor’s Medal for Academic Excellence.

As an entity, Namport believes and strives for gender parity and remains committed to availing opportunities of self-development to its workforce and thus permitted Ms Schroeder time off to further her studies.

Carol, who joined the World Maritime University (WMU) situated in Malmö, Sweden 14 months ago, also took up other leadership positions at the University such as leading the WMU Women’s Association that is recognised by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) as well as holding the position of Chairperson of Court of Honour of the WMU Student Council.

Ms Schroeder is a lawyer by profession and according to her, she had to take a leap of faith in pursuing her studies and with the blessing of her mother, there was no backing out. 

Ms Carol Schroeder found the programme to be very comprehensive and well – designed, as it included every discipline possible to ensure that students are equipped with all the necessary skills to thrive in the maritime industry.

Being the first Namibian and Namibian female to ever receive the prestigious Chancellor’s Award, Carol confirmed that “the Chancellor’s Medal is given to the student who has the highest grades also known as Grade Point Average (GPA), which in short equals the average value of the accumulated final grades earned in courses”. Her GPA fell in the 85% to 90% bracket and she was pleasantly surprised when her name was called to receive the award.


Proud recipient of the Chancellor's Award


The excited graduate is ready to plough back not only to Namport but the Namibian community at large, as she is a firm believer of passing on her gained experience and knowledge to as many people as possible.

“Regardless of what the future holds, I shall continue to be an ambassador for Namport and Namibia whatever form that may take. I also remain ever ready to assist the Namibian government to advance the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as part of realizing our Vision 2030 aspirations and Africa’s development strategies such as AIMS 2050 and Agenda 2063.”

Carol said it is estimated that only 2% of women are working in the maritime industry globally. “I, therefore, encourage as many women as possible to consider a career path in the maritime industry. The industry is global, highly complex, but more importantly exciting, empowering, fulfilling and life-changing.”

“I am grateful to Namport, my donor Stena AB, the faculty and staff of WMU, my family, host family in Sweden, friends, loved ones and colleagues. Without their support, this incredible journey and accomplishment would not have been possible. Ndapandula, Dankie, Thank you, Tack”.

SOURCE: Namport