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 27 Feb 2019

The first time ever that a large consignment of petroleum coke was offloaded in the Walvis Bay harbour, happened over the weekend.

The Namibian Ports Authority said on Monday it has offloaded 37,000 tonnes of so-called petroleum coke, sourced in the United States, and destined for a client in Zambia. After offloading in bulk, it will take another 10 days to repack the coke in sugar bags for transporting by road to Zambia.

The port’s authority’s Executive: Commercial, Immauel !Hanabeb said this petcoke consignment is testimony to the good working relations the harbour has managed to established with commercial clients in international markets. He further indicated that this was the pilot consignment and that many more similar cargoes are expected to be handled by the Port of Walvis Bay.

Petroleum Coke is a waste product of oil refining. Because it is produced in such vast quantities by the American oil industry, it is a cheap fuel, ideal as a substitute or complementary fuel to hot-burning cokes coal used in furnaces, power stations and smoke stacks for brickmaking.

Source: Namibia Economist