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At the Port of Walvis Bay, Namport offers a thriving ship repair facility to the shipping industry. A wide range of ships, including many vessels employed in the offshore sector, are able to save valuable steaming time using the Port of Walvis Bay for dry docking and repairs instead of going on to Cape Town. Moreover, due to the closure of some of the ship repair services in Cape Town, many vessels have found shelter at the Walvis Bay Syncrolift for their repairs.

The Syncrolift has a lifting capacity of up to 2,000 tonnes displacement, a beam of 14m in width and overall length of 80m. The Syncrolift has five (5) bays of which two are 50m and the rest 105m long. The facility has 4 floating repairs/repair jetties of 105m each. We offer electricity and fresh water for sanitation and crew to the vessels .

On average, the Syncrolift handles about 50 vessels per month.

Operation of the Facility
The Syncrolift is a common user facility. It manages and operates the docking and undocking of vessels to and from the lift, whereas private companies and individuals perform all the repair work. The Syncrolift is, therefore, an important facility for a number of local ship repair and engineering companies, all of which carry out dry docking, repair work, and repainting of vessels in the adjoining bays. It is estimated that 80% of the work generated at the Syncrolift is done by private companies – which shows the great entrepreneurial spinoff the Syncrolift has.

Namport has recently, 2017, conducted maintenance of its platform and side transfer, i.e. testing magnetic ropes, levelling platforms and dismantling of the side transfer.