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1.Where can I get statistics on cargo handled at the Port?
Details of Statistics can be viewed under the section of Cargo Volumes/Statistics

2.What are the depths of the Port of Lüderitz?
The new cargo and container quay has a length of 500 metres and a depth of -8.15 metres CD

3.Where exactly is the Port of Lüderitz situated?
The Port of Lüderitz is situated along the South Western Coast of Africa.

4.What facilities can the port offer?
The Port offers Cargo handling services, Marine services, Leasing of land & Property, Storage, Bunker services and other services which may be required, as well as reefer services.

5.Which shipping lines have direct sailing connections to the Ports in Namibia?
It's mainly Maersk shipping line that have scheduled calls and serve the port, linking it with the Port of Cape Town and the Port of Walvis Bay. Other unscheduled shipping lines also regularly call on the Port of Lüderitz for specific loading and discharge. Ocean Africa Container Lines also serve this port on its regional route of Southern African ports on a weekly basis.

6.Where can I find a contact list of Freight Forwarding Agents in Namibia?
Refer to the E-Directory on the Namport Website for a listing of these companies 

7.How many sailing days between Lüderitz to Europe?
Sailing days in total is about 19 days to Hamburg (Germany).

8. Which markets in Southern Africa provide the Ports of Namibia access to from Europe and the Americas?
Namibia and South Africa

9.Where do I see which vessels are in Port?
The website has a Port log section which is updated daily to indicate which vessels are in Port.

10.What facilities are in place for bulk, break bulk and container cargo at the Ports?
The handling of breakbulk goods are done with Ships cranes, rail mounted cranes or a mobile crane. Ships cranes and Namport's mobile crane handle containers at the quayside.

11.How much do I get charged for services that I will make use at the port?
A Tariff Book can be downloaded from the website for all services rendered at the Port.

12.Where do I get financial information on the Namibian Ports Authority?
Our latest Annual Report can be downloaded from the website.

13.What type of company is Namport?
Namibian Ports Authority manages the two seaports in Namibia, the Port of Lüderitz and the Port of Walvis Bay. The company is a state-owned enterprise with a Board of Directors guiding the management of the company.

14.What advantages does the Port of Lüderitz have for clients?
It provides a link to exporters and importers in Southern Namibia and the Northen Cape to markets in Europe.

15.During which times are the ports open for cargo working and marine services?
for marine services:
Mondays to Fridays (EXCEPT PUBLIC HOLIDAYS):
06H00 to 22H00
06H00 to 12H00
(All other times are overtime)

for cargo working:
Mondays to Fridays (EXCEPT PUBLIC HOLIDAYS):
07H00 to 12H00
13H00 to 17H00
(All other times are overtime)

16.How are the connections via road and rail from the Port of Lüderitz?
The Port of Lüderitz is linked up by road inland to Keetmanshoop where it connects to the North towards the capital City, Windhoek and in the south it links up with South Africa.