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The Port of Lüderitz is currently constrained by its shallow depth of -8.75 metres chart datum and limited backup land area behind the quay walls.

The current port cannot easily be physically deepened due to the bedrock on which it is built. Deepening the existing port by dredging bedrock is not considered financially and environmentally feasible.

The lack of railway connectivity has finally been addressed with the construction of a new railway line between Aus and Lüderitz by the Ministry of Works and Transport in 2015. Namport constructed and commissioned the Port of Lüderitz internal railway network in 2015. The Port of Lüderitz is now connected to the national railway grid.


Medium-term development in the Port of Lüderitz is focused on the optimisation of existing port capacity. Namport has already commenced with the following projects:

  • Internal railway network: the project cost is estimated to be N$25 million and the expected completion date is December 2015.
  • Extension of the vehicle shed: the project cost is estimated to be N$1 million and the expected completion date is June 2016.
  • New mess and ablution facilities: the project cost is estimated to be N$1.5 million and the expected completion date is December 2015.
  • Lüderitz boatyard rehabilitation: the project cost is estimated to be N$20 million and the project will be on-going until 2017.


The existing Port of Lüderitz offers few options for long-term development due to its depth constraint. For this reason, Namport carried out a study and identified that it is indeed feasible to construct a new deep-water port in the adjacent bay in Lüderitz, in the vicinity of Angra Point.

The size of this envisaged new deep-water port will dwarf the current Port of Lüderitz. It will be located in an area in which the rock is deeper than 30 metres below chart datum, thus dredging for deeper water depth will only involve removal of sand and not rock.

The potential Phase 1 of the new deep-water Port of Lüderitz has been identified as a phosphate terminal, which will handle and beneficiate marine phosphates dredged off the shore of Lüderitz. However, this phase of the project is currently on hold due to environmental considerations and final clearance from Government.