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Required Documents to be attached :

  • Certified Copy of ID / Passport
  • Valid letters of authorisation
  • Vehicle Permit

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Note payment structure inclusive of VAT:

Daily permit N$6.10
Monthly permit N$13.80
Annual permit N$155.25
Replacement N$39.10

Speed restriction in the port area is 40 km/h. No vehicle is allowed on the quayside without special permission. The road ordinances are applicable in the port area, and parking is only permitted on the parking zones provided. This permit is not transferable and is issued subject to regulations imposed by the Port Authority in order to conform to the Namibian Ports Authority Act, Act 2 of 1994. According to the control of access to public premises and vehicles act (Act 53 of 1985) the following are brought to your attention:
(a) Any person entering the port area shall be subject to the search of his person and or any container and or vehicle/passenger under his control.
(b) The search may be conducted on entry to and or departure from the port area.
(c) Refusal to undergo a search shall entitle Namport to refuse such a person entry to and or exit from the port area.
(d) No firearms or ammunition will be allowed in the port area.

The Standard Conditions of Service of the Namibian Ports Authority ("Namport") shall apply to all services rendered by Namport and no terms at variance with Namport's Standard Conditions of Service shall apply or be binding on the Authority, unless otherwise agreed to in writing by the duly authorized representatives of Namport.