Harambee Prosperity Plan

The HARAMBEE PROSPERITY PLAN [HPP] is a targeted Action Plan to accelerate development in clearly defined priority areas, which lay the basis for attaining prosperity in Namibia. The Plan does not replace, but complements the long-term goal of the National Development Plans [NDPs] and Vision 2030. HPP introduces an element of flexibility in the Namibian planning system by fast tracking development in areas where progress is insufficient. It also incorporates new development opportunities and aims to address  challenges that have emerged after the formulation of NDPs.

The Harambee Prosperity Plan consists of five 5 pillars:

(1) Effective Governance

(2) Economic Advancement

(3) Social Progression

(4) Infrastructure Development

(5) International Relations and Cooperation.

The Namibian Ports Authority is featured under the fourth pillar of Infrastructure Development.

Harambee Prosperity Plan II offical copy.



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