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 22 Jun 2021

The Namibian Ports Authority would like to inform all suppliers, clients, stakeholders and the public about a scam that was brought to our attention. The scam involves certain individuals soliciting quotations from suppliers using forged names and designations, email signatures and email domains that mimic those of Namport.

These criminals are specifically requesting quotes for a Fernandretz T2200 High Pressure Pump in these fraudulent Request for Quotations. Please distribute this notice to all your known associates to curb the spread of this false information. The public are urged to familiarize themselves with the correctness of Namport's official domain address which should read as Any other variations are considered phishing domains and considered unsafe and unsecure. 

For all procurement related information, please consult our website,, and to register on our portal, or contact the Procurement Management Unit at Namport at the number 064- 208 2319. 
We would like to urge members of the public to report any possible fraudulent activities involving the Namibian Ports Authority immediately at the above listed number. 

Please note that Namport's procurement activities are conducted in line with the requirements and authorizations contained in the Public Procurement Act 2015, (Act No 15 of 2015) ("the Act"), Public Procurement Regulations 2015 ("PPR") as well as related guidelines and directives as issued by the Ministry of Finance from time to time. 

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SOURCE: Namport