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 05 May 2020

The border post at Ariamsvlei in the south of Namibia. Photo Nampa


KEETMANSHOOP – Less than 5 000 items were declared at the Ariamsvlei border post between 27 March and 27 April, control customs and excise officer Isai Tueutjiua has said.

Speaking during the visit of service chiefs to the Ariamsvlei border post, Tueutjiua said only 4 622 items were declared as opposed to 21 962 goods valued at N$1.3 billion declared during the same period in 2019.

“This year we declared goods valued at only N$562 million, which is a 59% decrease in terms of the value compared to last year the same time,” Tueutjiua said.

He said in terms of exported goods, customs declared 248 goods valued at N$102 million during the period 27 March to 27 April.

“Last year during the same period we declared 1 326 goods exported through this border and the value was N$338 million,” he said.

Tueutjiua said since 14 April, 503 trucks transporting manganese from the Northern Cape in South Africa were recorded at the border.

Of the 503 trucks, 418 had to travel to Lüderitz where the manganese is exported through the town’s port.

“The other 85 trucks had to stop here in Ariamsvlei at the manganese warehouse, where the manganese is then transported by train,” he added.

Arrivals, departures

He said the inspection of trucks must be strengthened as people might use the trucks to transport other goods that are not essential.

“People may use this Covid-19 situation to look for a loophole for them to transport illicit products. They might think the officers are afraid to search the trucks, but we need to strengthen our inspections, as trucks are now the means of transport as the private vehicles are banned,” Tueutjiua stressed.

Also speaking was acting chief immigration officer, Petro Hanse, who said between 27 March and 29 April about 1 563 people arrived in Namibia, while 1 638 people were recorded as having departed Namibia.

He said 55 European and one Australian national were repatriated to their country of origin through the Ariamsvlei border post.

“We had 70 South African nationals who also went back to their country through this border. Departures are only for foreigners or repatriation approved by the respective embassies, while only Namibians are allowed into the country and trucks that are transporting essential goods,” he said. - Nampa

SOURCE: Namibian Sun