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 08 Apr 2020


The Executive Director of the Ministry of Works and Transport, Jonas Sheelongo said the transport industry has engaged neighbouring countries, especially South Africa, where a lot of goods are imported from, to ensure that transportation of critical goods continues during the state of emergency.
Today's discussion from the COVID-19 Communication Centre focused on the transport and logistics sector.
Sheelongo added that the ministry has engaged the Health Ministry to advise on measures to be followed especially during transportation of goods and the quarantine of drivers.

Hippy Tjivikua from the Walvis Bay Corridor Group emphasised that they have taken steps to ensure that there are no delays in the transportation of essential goods while practising quality assurance.
Tjivikua also pleaded for patience, especially when delays are taking place during inspections.
Tjivikua emphasised that proper measures are taking place at the port, which has been in operation for essential services, especially during docking.
The personnel has the proper protective gear. They are also screened and a high standard of operations is followed.
Leslie Mpofu from the Trans Kalahari Corridor Group said COVID-19 has affected drivers and the transportation of goods.
Mpofu pointed out that the identification of essential goods takes time and causes delay.
He added that volumes of cargo have gone down as only the basics are now ordered.

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