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 16 Oct 2019


GOVERNMENT should urgently rehabilitate the Sesheke-Livingstone road to protect both goods and human life, Walvis Bay Corridor Group (WBCG) has advised.

WBCG business development manager for Zambia, James Kaposa, said the stretch which runs from Katima-Mulilo border with Namibia feeding into Livingstone to Lusaka was an important trade link.

Mr Kaposa was speaking after meeting with some transporters in Lusaka.

“This is one route that is most suitable for all types of goods to and from Europe, North and South America. Recently, some shipping lines have established direct services to Walvis Bay from the Far East.

“The new development enables the Zambian business community have an added trade route for acquiring or exporting goods to the Far East, “he said.

Mr Kaposa said trucking companies moving cargo between Zambia and Namibia were experiencing serious delays due to the poor state of the road.  He explained that a stretch of about 190 km between Kazungula turnoff and Sesheke should ordinarily be covered in about two hours but was taking more than three hours of negotiated driving.

“These delays are having a negative effect on the performance of all business entities that depend on imports and exports for their revenue earnings in order to continue operation economically.

“Being one of Zambia’s alternative trade route for the importation and exportation of all types of goods, the corridor group is happy with the incremental usage of the corridor by the Zambian business community.

 Mr Kaposa explained that almost 700,000 tonnes of various goods were traded via the Port of Walvis Bay per month and the trend was on the growth path.

 He was concerned that with the commencement of the rainy season, the road would pose a serious risk to both the goods and human life.

SOURCE: Daily Nation