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 06 Jun 2019


Walvis Bay Corridor Group is ready to handle increased volumes of cargo into Zambia and the rest of the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) region

The organisation is meanwhile elated that there is increased participation of European and American companies in the Zambian economy has elated

Walvis Bay Corridor Group Development Manager for Zambia, James Kaposa, said the port was ready to handle more trade volumes into Zambia and the SADC region from any part of the world.

He was speaking in Kitwe at the Copperbelt, Agricultural, Mining, Industrial and Networking Exposition (CAMINEX).

Mr Kaposa said the group was looking forward to playing a pivot role in enhancing trade between SADC countries and Europe as well as America.

He however bemoaned the low usage of the port by the Zambian business sector despite it being the port of first call for any cargo from Europe or America.

“My appeal is for the business community in Zambia to engage us so that we work out modalities that will enhance trade to the advantage of both parties,”

The Walvis Bay Corridor Group, a Public Private Partnership (PPP), was established in 2000 as a service and facilitation centre.

It is aimed at promoting the benefits of using the Walvis Bay corridor, linking the Port for commodities movement into and from Southern Africa and the rest of the world.

Mr Kaposa expressed happiness that as the group aspired for regional integration, the unique institutional arrangement as a public private partnership gave it a perfect example of how Government and the private sector could work together.

Government and private sector, he said, could integrate business potential and utilise transport services to full business potential for the region.

Mr Kaposa said integration was incredibly important for economic development within the region and for the growth of the private sector.

The Walvis Bay Corridor Group has developed capacities and business acumen to continuously identify opportunities, plan, coordinate and advocate for infrastructure development.

SOURCE: Daily Nation