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 26 Mar 2019

WALVIS BAY, 26 MAR (NAMPA) - The governments of Namibia and the Republic of the Congo, through their national ports, are looking forward to entering a corporation agreement through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).
This was one of the plans announced during a courtesy visit by the Republic of Congo's ambassador to Namibia, Marie Thérèse Avemeka, to the Namibia Ports Authority (Namport) here on Monday.
Avemeka was accompanied by a delegation from her country's Port Pointe Noire.
"Congo is excited to see the finalisation of the MoU seeing as these talks commenced more than three years ago. 
We are however also not shy to admit that there have been challenges on finalising the agreement, however we have now managed to work them out," Avemeka expressed. 
The purpose of the meeting was to facilitate a foundation for the MoU, which is not supposed to end there, according to the Ambassador.
"We have to continue building, engaging and exchanging for the mutual benefit of both ports and their respective countries."
Namport Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Bisey /Uirab at the same occasion commented on the two countries' history, which spans to the days of Namibia's liberation struggle.
"Port Pointe Noire is a significant player in the shipping industry and also shares mutual customers in terms of shipping lines with Namport.
Just like Namport, the port also serves landlocked countries and hence it is important that we share knowledge and expertise," /Uirab stated.
The CEO expressed how important the MoU would be to both countries, adding that once signed, it must be seen as a backdrop of the two governments, who are working hard in the promotion of intra-regional trade in Africa.
"It is therefore of cardinal importance that we conclude the discussions and finalise the agreement," /Uirab told his counterparts.
The Namport CEO also urged his counterparts to visit the rest of the harbour town to see what other business opportunities they can explore.
The 10-member delegation is expected to visit other facilities in Walvis Bay on Tuesday, before leaving the country on Wednesday.