Youth implored to unlock blue economy

04 Dec 2018

New Era
Eveline de Klerk


WALVIS BAY - The CEO of the Namibia Ports Authority, Bisey /Uirab, has encouraged Namibian youth to take up a keen interest and explore the ocean economy as a means of job creation and poverty alleviation.

/Uirab made the remarks last Wednesday when he signed a memorandum of understanding with the International University of Management (IUM) that will see IUM students undertake internships and other skill transfer programmes at Namport.
 /Uirab highlighted the importance of Namibia’s blue ocean economy that is currently untapped, saying that a structured coordination is needed, in order for Namibia to transform and reap the opportunities that come along with the country’s blue economy.

“Young graduates and the Namibian youth can tap into the blue ocean economy that has not been adequately explored largely, due to the absence of coordinated efforts, despite the fact that it can address pertinent challenges, such as employment creation, income generation, and reduce poverty,” he said. Uirab hopes that the agreement will take the lead to poverty reduction initiatives by exploring what the ocean can offer.

 “I don’t think that we, as a country, are focused on maximising benefits of the blue economy. My view is that there is so much scope that comes from the blue economy, which we can embark on,” he said.

Another aspect, he says, is awareness about the business, employment, and economic activities that should be cultivated among Namibians, especially focusing on those who are not from the Erongo region.

“Many of our people do not know the opportunities offered by the blue ocean economy. Hence, all players in this sector have the obligation to raise that awareness, so that people also look at those opportunities, especially young Namibians–which IUM could play a part, he noted.


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