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 13 May 2024

The Namibian Ports Authority (Namport) recorded a record-breaking amount of cargo handled of 8 million tonnes during the financial year (ending 31 March 2024) in comparison to the amount of cargo handled of 7,7 million tonnes in the previous financial year and a notable 4% increase.

The major contributor is the exportation of goods, including Salt, Copper Concentrate, Bagged Salt, Frozen Fish, Manganese Ore, and Zinc/Lead Concentrate. Specifically, Bulk Salt saw a growth of 10%, Copper Concentrate increased by 12%, Salt Bagged witnessed a 1% rise, Frozen Fish surged by 29%, Manganese Ore increased to 15.7%, Zinc/Lead Concentrates grew by 2.9% and Marble increased by 41%.

During the financial year 2023/2024, there were significant increases in the importation of various commodities. Notably, Petroleum surged, representing a substantial 26% increase. Other imported commodities also experienced noteworthy growth, including Copper Concentrate, Ammonium Nitrate, Wheat, Ships Spares, and Steel. Additionally, the Authority recorded a commendable 7.9% increase in the importation of goods in comparison to the previous financial year.

During the financial period ended, the number of vessels calling the Namibian ports surged by 29% year on year, escalating from 1,636 to 2,115 calls, primarily driven by increased activity across various vessel categories, including foreign tugs, dry bulk vessels, containerized vessels, foreign fishing vessels, petroleum vessels, Namibian fishing vessels, research, and general vessels.


The financial year under review also recorded an increased occupancy rate of Syncrolift facilities. The repair jetties’ occupancy rose from 64% to 96%, while bay occupancy lagged at 47% compared to 52% in the previous financial year.

The success of Namport's operations can be attributed to building and maintaining solid relationships with key stakeholders such as the Walvis Bay Corridor Group, shipping lines, cargo owners, government agencies, and the larger port community. The dedication of Namport’s workforce and the confidence customers place in utilizing the amenities and services provided by the Ports Authority. This collaboration is crucial for the long-term success and sustainability of the port. Namport remains unwavering in its commitment to becoming the best performing seaports in Africa.

SOURCE: Namport