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 29 Feb 2024



Namibian Ports Authority [Namport] successfully hosted the Annual Port Management Association for Eastern and Southern Africa [PMAESA] Annual General Meeting on 26 February 2024, at the Swakopmund Hotel and Entertainment Center.

The PMAESA AGM is a significant event that plays a critical role in shaping the future of the maritime industry in Eastern and Southern Africa. With its Secretariat hosted in Mombasa, Kenya, this platform allows members to discuss and address key issues affecting the African Maritime sector, adopt resolutions and recommendations, review progress made in implementing previous resolutions, and network and collaborate with other member countries.

Having celebrated its 50th Silver Jubilee Anniversary last year 2023, PMAESA continues to serve as an essential mechanism for promoting regional integration and cooperation in the maritime sector, thereby contributing to sustainable economic growth and development in Eastern and Southern Africa.

The event saw the Transnet National Ports Authority Ag. CE Adv Phyllis Difeto also serving as PMAESA Chair hand over the Pan-African Association for Port Co-operation [PAPC] Chairmanship Instruments of Power, to the Port Management Association of Western and Central Africa [PMWACA] Chairman Mr Jean Marie Koffi from Nigeria.

The Pan-African Association for Port Co-operation (PAPC) is the Port industry Association for the Continent, established by the three sub-regional Port Management Associations of Africa namely:

  • North African Port Management Association (UAPNA)
  • Port Management Association of West and Central Africa (PMAWCA)
  • Port Management Association of Eastern and Southern Africa (PMAESA)

The Wooden Gavel and Certificate handover symbolize hosting the Executive Secretariat of the Pan African Port Cooperation (PAPC), the body under which the three regional African port associations affiliate.

The PAPC leadership rotates among the three sub-regional Ports associations, following PMAESA’s successful hosting of the PAPC Secretariat for the past two years, and yesterday’s handover of the symbolic instrument to PMWACA signifies that this specific sub-regional Port Association will host the PAPC Secretariat.

Over and above all, the central narrative at the conference was premised on the importance of collaboration between Port Authorities on the continent to ensure the safe and efficient movement of vessels and cargo in and out of African ports. By working together, Port Authorities can improve their response capabilities, reduce costs, and enhance the overall competitiveness of their respective ports.


Information Note - PMAESA AGM


SOURCE: Namport