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 25 Aug 2022


The Namibian Ports Authority (Namport) which is part of the master plan for four green hydrogen industry pilot projects worth N$892 which will soon be implemented in Namibia says its targeting to increase the usage of clean energy to power its operations. 

The pilot project earmarked for Namport aims to convert an existing tugboat to operate on hydrogen/diesel dual fuel technology; converting existing port equipment to operate on hydrogen/diesel dual fuel technology; and to develop green hydrogen bunkering and refuelling infrastructure at the port. 

“The success of the pilot projects will inform the feasibility of larger longer-term projects. Cargo handling equipment is also a possibility. Namport owns and operate various plant and equipment, many of which uses diesel fuel in very large quantities. Converting some of these diesel engines into dual fuel engines that can use green hydrogen could not only save money but will also reduce our carbon footprint i.e., less carbon emissions from diesel combustion engines,” Namport’s Manager: Corporate Communication Taná Pesat told The Brief. 

On the rationale of its participation in the project, she said, “Namport is a responsible corporate entity with goals of environmental sustainability. Reducing our carbon footprint talks to these goals.” 

On how much, in terms of investment the company planned to invest towards the realization of the pilot project and other green hydrogen related projects, she said, “It is still too early to say.” 

She said the planned development of green hydrogen projects presents unlimited growth prospects for the port authority, which has already availed land at its ports for the development of some of the planned green hydrogen projects.

 “Growth in both ports’ actual cargo handling capacity and throughput, will ultimately mean more jobs and increased economic activity etc. Namport has made available land in both ports which may be allocated to green hydrogen developers and the ports will obviously play a key role in exporting green hydrogen to the rest of the world in future.,” the Namport Manager: Corporate Communication said. 

This comes as the country has ambitions to be one of Africa's first green hydrogen export hubs. The government is banking on green hydrogen to attract more than US$6 billion in foreign direct investment (FDI) which is anticipated to generate annual revenues in excess of US$800 million, while also contributing to its much-anticipated Sovereign Wealth Fund. 

Last week Hyphen Hydrogen Energy (Hyphen), the preferred bidder to implement the country’s first green hydrogen project, has expressed optimism that the Namibian government will sign off before the year ends. 

Hyphen Hydrogen Energy was awarded two bids to construct Namibia’s inaugural green hydrogen projects, aiming to produce 1Gigawatts of electricity and create over 15 000 jobs.


SOURCE: The Brief