Apprenticeship Bursary

Namport recognises the importance of training apprentices in order to conform to its own Human Resources Plan, as well as its social responsibility to Namibia. Under this scheme, Namport assists the Government of Namibia, in conjunction with Vocational Training Centres with the training of apprenticeships in various fields of expertise.

Namport awards a minimum of 6 bursaries per year to promising apprentices who have completed their first 6 months of theoretical training. Allocation of these bursaries is determined by the Human Resources Plan of Namport in conjunction with relevant training institutions.

Advertisement of the bursary scheme is done in conjunction with the relevant training institutions on an annual basis.

Trainees are selected on the following criteria:

  • Must be a Namibian Citizen
  • Must be at least between 18 - 24 years of age
  • Must be in possession of a Grade 10 or 12, IGSE or senior certificate with passes in Mathematics, Science and English
  • Must possess satisfactory outcome of aptitude test/National Vocational Certificate - Level 1 or a National Vocational Certificate Level 2
  • Must have excellent academic history supported by a recommendation by the training institution on an annual basis
  • Preferably in the AA target group

The administration of the above is the responsibility of the relevant training institution. Such training institution then invoices Namport on a monthly basis or as otherwise advised.


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