Management Commitee

Elias Mwenyo
Manager: Business Development
Taná Pesat
Manager: Corporate Communication
Henoch Gariseb
Manager: IT Systems and Services
Elisa Hasheela
Manager: Customer Care
Nangula Shailemo
Manager: Management Accounting
Ipupa Kasheeta
Manager: Syncrolift
Kathy van Heerden
Manager: Organizational Performance
Melani De Klerk
Manager: Procurement
Mervin Van Wyk
Manager: Financial Services
Fonda Shimuafeni
Manager: Technical Services
Gerhard Du Plessis
Manager: Business Processes
Gottfried Araeb
Manager: Projects
Justina Evelinus
Manager: Property Management
Lukas Kufuna
Walvis Bay Port Captain
Jacob Orange
Manager: OD & Training
Stefanus Gariseb
Manager: SHEQ
Widux Mutwa
Manager: Terminal Planning
Wilma Saunderson
Manager: Reporting and Compliance

Johan Laubscher
Acting Manager: Security & Emergency Services

Desire Kamatuka
Acting Manager: HR Services
Patrick Nawaseb
Manager: Marine
Richard Ibwima
Manager: Terminals
Max Kooper
Port Manager: Lüderitz
Carol Schroeder
Legal Advisor
Patema Shakela
Acting Manager: ER and Wellness
Kephas Shatona
Manager: Risk & Compliance




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