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Strategic Benefits
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Strategic Benefits - Why Use the port of Walvis Bay?

Key benefits of using the Port of Walvis Bay:

• The Port of Walvis Bay is a secure, efficient, world-class port.

• The turnaround time is competitive, with handling times for container vessels of around 12 to 15 hours. Depending on the tonnage and shipment, the turnaround time for bulk vessels averages between 24 and 48 hours, while for break-bulk vessels it averages between 18 and 20 hours.

• The Port of Walvis Bay is a congestion-free port with minimum delays. The port currently handles 5 million tonnes. Its total capacity equips it to handle 7 to 8 million tonnes of cargo.

• The Port of Walvis Bay prides itself on having the flexibility to deliver an increasing demand for customer services.

• The port has world-class infrastructure and equipment, ensuring reliable and safe cargo handling.

• Temperate weather conditions are experienced all year round and no delays are caused by the weather.

• The port has introduced maximum-security measures and procedures and is International Ship and Port Facility Security code (ISPS) compliant.

• Deep-water anchorage is available inside the harbour, and is protected by the natural bay and by Namport.

• The routes managed by the Walvis Bay Corridor Group (WBCG) make access to the hinterland easy and fast (see the section on the WBCG).

• The port offers a thriving Syncrolift ship repair facility.

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